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Promise! The (online) learning solutions that we design, create, implement and service are tailored to your specific needs. Always. Unless we are convinced that you can better solve your problem in another way. If so, we’re honest about iit.

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Read here what kind of questions we often get and what we can do for you.

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We often get these questions. What is your question?

  • How do I ensure that new employees feel at home and can start working straight away?
  • Employees need specific training. Can you help us?
  • How do we motivate and facilitate employees so that they take responsibility for their own development?
  • How do we make the best choice of Learning Platform?
  • What is your experience with learning solutions in our sector?
  • Our Learning Platform is used less than we thought. What can we do?
  • We want to offer our training courses commercially. Do you have a solution for that?

Do you also have a question about Learning & Development? Feel free to ask. You will then quickly receive practical and honest advice. Agreed.


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This is how we help you

Learning solutions with impact 

Onboarding new colleagues

  • Immerse yourself in the organisational and learning culture from day one.
  • ‘Socialising’ employees so that they quickly feel at home.
  • Meeting each other’s expectations. Get started quickly!


  • Bespoke e-Learning to develop specific knowledge and skills.
  • Blended Learning that brings together online and offline learning. 
  • Modern forms of learning, such as Virtual and Augmented Reality, for greater learning impact.


  • A Learning Management and Experience Platform for formal and informal learning.
  • Better integrate learning platform and e-learning content.
  • An e-Commerce Platform to commercialise online training.

Service & Support

At UP, we do our very best to find your perfect learning solution. Because we want you to work safely and enjoy the highest quality and best service. That is why we are ISO certified.

We like lots of things but not incidents

Need support? We will help you as quickly as we can. We’ll stay in touch, of course, but we would rather talk about better, more useful or finer things than an incident.

Advice without obligation? Just ask!

Whatever your Learning Question. Ask it here. We are happy to advise you on the possibilities. Entirely without obligation. Agreed.

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