Learning Analytics for Moodle and Totara

IntelliBoard | Learning Analytics | UP learning

Managers keep track of employee motivation

Managers who have insight into the engagement and motivation of employees. IntelliBoard identifies, reports and analyses.

  • Employee engagement
  • Analysis course
  • Content analysis course
  • Progress

Dashboard for engagement, content and risk management

The IntelliBoard dashboard shows you up-to-date information on the state of your LMS, progress of teams and individual trainees, and courses & tests.

  • Dashboard for employees and managers
  • Signalling
  • Support for multiple roles
  • Real-time customisable reports
  • Compatible with Moodle and Totara

Give employees insight and control

IntelliBoard provides trainees with a personal dashboard in the LMS showing their progress and activities. This is how you trigger Self-Directed Learning.

  • Benchmark
  • Tests ‘still to do’/completed
  • Course progress
  • Participation in activities
  • Correlations and indicators
IntelliBoard | Learning Analytics | Screenshot | UP learning

Managers have continuous insight into risks

What about employee motivation and engagement? Where do employees drop out? IntelliBoard identifies, reports and analyses.

  • Take-up, progress and success of the courses
  • Employee engagement
  • Progress and employee test results
  • Overall view, so managers know where to intervene

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