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More than the required tick

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A scored tick alone is usually insufficient

“Ah, there it is again. My annual refresher course. Quickly click through and get my tick score. See you next year!” Familiar? As a Learning Professional, you probably get an uneasy feeling. Getting their ticks is necessary for your colleagues. The associated behaviour even more so.

How do you make sure they act correctly?

  • Show both the positive and negative consequences of behaviour in your training sessions.
  • Support your colleagues in the workplace. All year round.
  • Colleagues who dare to call each other to account. That works. Include exercises in your learning programme.
How do you keep your colleagues compliant?

Laws and regulations

How to make sure you keep them in mind


Don’t leave it until that occasional test.

Until that annual refresher course or perhaps even more seldom. That’s too infrequent to be sure that you are also changing behaviour. That’s why we’re in favour of a campaign-related approach.


During work, a little extra attention.

What were those laws and regulations again? The moment employees asks themselves this question, you offer help, or ‘Performance Support’. That’s a good way to ingrain behaviour.


Changes? Everyone informed immediately.

Internal and external laws and regulations. They are adjusted regularly. And you want to communicate them quickly. It’s nice if you can do that yourself quickly and feed it through where necessary.


We work for, learn together and grow with

Presented with pride

Laws and regulations. Whether internal or external. You had better comply with them. This is how they do it.

We are proud of this

Laws and regulations. Whether internal or external. You had better comply with them. This is how they do it.

We are proud of this

Laws and regulations. Whether internal or external. You had better comply with them. This is how they do it.


"Our users like the fact that in the interactive video they can also see the other (incorrect) answers, which gives them more insight into the consequences of each choice."

One eLearning module or continuous attention

In order to be compliant, an eLearning module with a fully completed test is often sufficient. If you want to stimulate the desired behaviour, more is often needed. There is a whole toolbox available to you as a Learning Professional. Take your pick.

eLearning and Blended Learning

From Interactive Video to face-to-face meetings. From Infographic to Augmented Reality. What form should your learning campaign take?

And this is how we approach it

Using a tried and tested method, together we make your goal and its impact clear. In this way, you can be sure that your requirements will be met. Guaranteed.

And that’s how we can help you


An internal workshop with stakeholders from HR, L&D and the department. One that makes use, necessity and solution clear.

Didactic concept

Together with you, we design a didactic concept. Tailored to one or, if necessary, several target groups.

Learning campaign

A single intervention is usually not enough. If necessary, we use various learning resources and channels.

Blended Learning

Together with you, we assemble the ideal combination of online and offline learning resources. We keep what is good.

Defining success

When do you know that everyone is compliant? And acting in the desired way? We agree the indicators with you.

Ask us for advice

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