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Information dump or difficult process? Make it visual.

An Infographic is a visually appealing picture, which you can use to make a bulky collection of information or an impenetrable process clear at a glance. They come in all shapes and sizes. Printed and online. Purely informative and even interactive. This is why an Infographic can be a welcome addition to your (learning) intervention. And that has its benefits. We describe six of them.

Infographics | e-Learning | Leermiddelen | UP learning

6 benefits of Infographics within your organisation

Infographics. You see them everywhere. And for good reason. A good infographic makes complicated subjects manageable and dreary material interesting. And here’s why.

  • Thanks to the illustrations, an Ikea cabinet can be put together quickly. That’s the idea. But undoubtedly faster than if you had a list like this in front of you. And especially if you are less ‘language-oriented’.
  • You turn complex concepts and ideas into easily digestible pieces of information. A colourful diagram or specific detail increases the ‘understanding factor’.
  • You increase the chance of remembering. Infographics provide an overview, making the content easy to remember. At least. From a good Infographic.
  • Your organisation also has a visual identity. You reinforce this with both internal and external Infographics.
  • Infographics add another learning tool to your toolbox. It can help you increase employee engagement, motivation and productivity.
  • Employees save time when they have information directly and clearly at hand.

Designing an Infographic that achieves your goal. That can be quite difficult. We are happy to help you.


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