Making chocolate out of safe behaviour

For the employees of the world’s largest chocolate producer, Barry Callebaut, it goes without saying that unsafe situations have to be prevented or resolved. To encourage employees to report these types of situations, UP developed a behaviour changing campaign. This involves a constantly changing series of posters being displayed to employees on the work floor showing a grateful colleague. UP linked this positive awareness campaign to the training courses. Barry Callebaut removes barriers to employees reporting unsafe situations.

Zero accidents on the work floor

This calls for a better safety culture, starting with awareness of the safety principles. Because years of the same routine make it easy for ‘complacency’ and ‘mistakes’ to creep in. Barry Callebaut asked UP to think about creating a positive climate in which employees correct each other and consider it important to report unsafe situations to managers.

Barry Callebaut | e-Learning safety | UP learning
Rob Stuurop
Barry Callebout Group

The creative and professional partnership with UP has resulted in a European campaign that, in terms of look and feel, fits our company perfectly.

From rules to habits

We chose to focus on a positive feedback culture. For Barry Callebaut, that is a good way to build new habits. Barry Callebaut employees were used to make the campaign relatable. They show the positive consequences of safe behaviour displayed by their colleagues.

Barry Callebaut | e-Learning safety | UP learning

Stories from our own employees

Every two months, a new poster appears in the workplace about how to prevent an accident. The story behind the poster is discussed during work meetings and the team talks about it with each other. Direct questions like “How do you give feedback yourself?” and “How alert are you when it comes to safety?” encourage employees to think about their own behaviour.

The result is a positive feedback culture that has dramatically reduced the number of safety incidents.

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