Moodle or Totara? Tips for making the best choice.

How do you choose between the Moodle and Totara Learning Management Systems? It is a risky decision to only tick off functionalities from the list. What else do you need to take into consideration?

Moodle or Totara?

Choosing between two successful Learning Management Systems is not always easy. You can, of course, take a functional analysis approach and count the ticked boxes. Totara has created a very useful Moodle-Totara comparison for this purpose (Moodle 3.6 versus Totara Learn 12). But will your choice for the most ticked boxes automatically result in the best choice? Take some other important considerations into account.

Differences between Moodle and Totara to be aware of

Both Moodle and Totara offer good options for developing e-Learning yourself. Both systems are also ‘open’, which means that you can easily integrate e-Learning content from other parties. Each learning platform also has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Delivering e-Learning

Do I use my learning management system primarily to deliver e-Learning content? If so, Moodle is often a good choice.

Hierarchy in the organisation

Do managers play an active role in the ‘training and development’ of employees now or in the future? Totara supports managers in the performance process, setting personal and/or team targets and arranging 360° feedback, for example. A direct connection with the HR system ensures a low management burden.

Individual learning plans

Are individual learning plans important in employee development? To offer employees customised support, Totara offers both group and personalised learning plans.

Blended Learning

Do you make use of ‘blended learning’ by combining online learning with face-to-face training? Totara offers more possibilities to plan and manage these learning path forms.

Choosing an LMS? We are happy to answer your questions.

Need help making the right choice? Our certified Moodle and Totara advisers would be happy to assist you. And, of course, as an independent partner of both Moodle and Totara, you can expect sound advice from UP.

Learning from others?

We are fans of both Moodle and Totara. Based on your organisational goals, your e-Learning or blended learning goals and the expected development of your organisation, we always come up with suitable advice. Read some cases below where Moodle or Totara was the better choice.

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