The buddy: first aid for onboarding

Do you recognize this? Staring eyes. To you. “Psst, that’s the new one.” You were well prepared for the first working day at your new employer. Did you think. But you still feel a bit uncomfortable in the office, in the store, the factory, the hospital. Or maybe worse. During your first online meeting. But fortunately. When the need is high, the buddy is nearby.

Still, it’s a job in its own right. The training of new employees. Extensive Onboarding programs are put together for this. And that’s a good thing. Because differing expectations, uncertainty and the lack of relationships are the main causes of early departure. No less than 25% cancel their hard-earned contract within a year (Verhoeven 2015). This costs money and results in mutual frustration and loss of time. A buddy can prevent a lot of suffering and early departure. What’s up with that?

The buddy is your first friend

A buddy removes uncertainty, gives a familiar feeling and can manage mutual expectations. The buddy is there for you from day 1 and makes you feel right at home. It’s a colleague from whom you get an ordinary answer. Even on painful questions. For example, because after three tries you still do not know how the coffee machine works. Or you have forgotten who the managers are again. Research has shown that this first “friend” or “girlfriend” at work is important.

Harvard researched it 

Harvard Business Review investigated the importance of Buddies in onboarding programs. For the buddies on this earth, the outcome was very positive. Their role is crucial. Because besides the fact that the new colleague feels welcome, safe and at home, it appears that ‘newbees’ with a buddy are more satisfied with their Onboarding and feel productive faster. Good for the new employee and good for the company. But not every colleague is suitable for the buddy profession. Choose them carefully.

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Hoe selecteer je buddy’s? 

As First Aid for Onboarding, the buddy prevents accidents. And we all know it: prevention is better than cure. But what makes a buddy a good buddy? We know from research what the ideal characteristics of an Onboarding Buddy are. Which properties? Learn more in the blog: How to find the ideal Onboarding Buddy. And have you found the ideal buddy? Then of course he or she wants to be prepared for his or her task. You can read how to do that in the blog: The Onboarding Buddy Preparation Program. the what?

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