Onboarding checklist

A reference point for the new employee, the buddy, HR, the manager and the organisation

Good onboarding introduces new employees to colleagues and the coffee machine. To the culture and strategy of your organisation. And to the work to be done, of course. This simple checklist will give you a starting point from which to create your own onboarding programme.

Plan your onboarding interventions

Onboarding involves a lot of people. The newcomer, the buddy (recommended!), the manager, direct employees, HR and so on. And that can make the onboarding of new employees quite complex. Especially when you consider that ‘socialisation’ is often just as important as ‘functional’ onboarding. How do you avoid information overload? How do you maintain an overview? And what is the added value of a learning platform? At UP, we have a lot of experience with successful onboarding programmes. So, feel free to ask us. To get you started, we’ll give you a little preview.

Onboarding checklist for inspiration

  • Warm welcome prior to the first working day
    • Welcome package
    • Video card
    • Augmented Reality experience
    • Clothing advice
  • First day of work
    • Welcome and introduction to department
    • Laptop / access pass / work attire
    • Introduction to buddy
    • Onboarding programme (offline, online)
    • Introductory talks
    • First working day progress check
  • First week
    • Organisational structure
    • Locations
    • ICT systems
    • Rules of conduct
    • Introductory talks
    • Buddy conversation
    • First working week progress check
  • First month
    • Introduction to multiple colleagues
    • Space for newcomer to share knowledge
    • Pair up with a colleague for onboarding
    • Probation period over? Celebrate!
    • Mutual expectations (manager)
  • Second and third month
    • Position-specific training
    • Weekly buddy meeting
    • Progress discussion with manager
  • Following months (up to one year)
    • Monthly buddy meeting
    • Mutual expectations (manager)
    • Request feedback on onboarding programme

Gratis Onboarding webinar

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